Twentytwo Bishopsgate
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A pitch to Axa and Lipton Rogers on the site management for Twentytwo Bishopsgate, the tallest office tower in the UK. The JLL team had to demonstrate their understanding of what the client was trying to achieve with the building and who the target market are. Art and design was a heavy influence throughout the building itself and so I decided that this was the best way to portray our response.
Eight documents needed to be produced for each of the members on the panel and I wanted them to feel as if they were each receiving their own bespoke piece of art when they received the document. I asked eight members of my team to design a cover each giving them a colour and aspect of the building to work with, when the covers where brought together they produced a large piece of art for the clients to admire.
Covers designers: Agnieszka Szuba, Erika Haug, Lynda Bridges, Mandeep Natt, Paul Oddy, Reuben Santiago and Tara Swart. Animation: Rich Thrift
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